Dinner in the Clouds – Private Jet Chef

This week Luca’s Ravioli was challenged to new heights… 45,000 feet high as a private chef on a personal jet!

This last minute booking was an awesome experience and of course the clients loved Chef Luca’s exquisite creations! Was it a challenge!? Absolutely! We’ve cooked in small kitchens before, but never THIS small! Was he nervous!? Oh yeah! Super stressed and got very little sleep… Chef Luca was well prepared though and everything went off without a hitch!

We even managed to locate fresh Golden Trout last minute! Divine Fish & Meat Market in Montrose, CO is absolutely amazing with the best fish and meat money can buy! They were actually closed Sunday, but thankfully Chef Luca had Toby’s personal number and he came in on his day off to fill our request for fresh fish! We served Golden Trout which is in the Trout family. It has a rich red meat because they eat shrimp and the back of the fish literally looks like a bar of gold.

Keep working hard…the sky is the limit!